My name is Don, and my son Randy is my best friend (along with my wife, of course). When Randy was a junior in college, he was in a terrible motorcycle accident (an accident in every sense of the word; no one was at fault except for the animal crossing the street that Randy tried to avoid hitting). He suffered a severe head trauma among many other injuries, but we’re all eternally grateful he survived. From that day on, his physical and cognitive abilities have changed, but he’s still our son and still my favorite person in the world.

Through Randy’s journey, we’ve learned a lot about how different life is for people who are differently-abled. (I know what we’ve learned the last few years doesn’t even scratch the surface of what a lot of others in this community have experienced.) The big thing I’ve learned is that my son is still my son. His circumstances are different than what they use to be, but he’s still Randy.

We really believe that everyone is special and shouldn’t be defined by their unique abilities. We hope our site will inspire others to promote or even adopt this way of thinking.